Data Visualizations

Data Visualizations

Your data is at its most powerful when it is clear, concise, and accessible. Well-designed visualizations are the most effective way to achieve these goals by providing your leadership, staff, or customers with critical insights into ongoing performance. We build custom dashboards and other visualizations that communicate the insights that matter most to your organization and its stakeholders. 

Value-Based and Goal-Oriented

Our dashboards tell stories about the strategies, processes, and outcomes that matter most. These concise and straightforward products are built to narrate the story you’re looking to tell. That’s why we start by asking what goals you are hoping to achieve. Our clients often include the dashboards we make in their presentations, meetings, and communications.

Dashboard Features

  • Compelling and clear graphics. 
  • Key metrics and insights.
  • Interactive capabilities.
  • Pre-built custom views.
  • Quick data processing.
  • Custom color schemes, logo, and branding.

Types of Dashboards 

We will help you develop the right dashboard for your organization by determining the critical needs and defining the project’s scope. Clients typically look for one or more of the following dashboard types

Analytical Dashboards 
  • Provides trends and insight into key processes 
  • Includes advanced business intelligence features 
  • Best suited for analysts and executives
Operational Dashboards
  • Ideal for time sensitive data
  • Provides organizational awareness 
  • Measures daily processes and performance
  • Best suited for front-line users and management
Public-Facing Dashboards 
  • Provides key metrics your community is interested in  
  • Designed to be easy and intuitive to use
  • Best suited for communication and community engagement

Service Options 

Our services are flexible to suit your unique needs. We create, maintain, and update dashboards as a recurring service to allow your personnel to focus on the actionable insights our dashboards provide. If you’re looking for a shorter engagement, we can create dashboards as a one-time service that can be easily maintained by your personnel. We believe in empowering your organization to work with data however best fits your needs, and can provide training and documentation to equip your personnel with the knowledge they will need. 

Client Spotlight: New Orleans City Council Dashboard


Our dashboards are only as valuable as the insights they provide and outcomes they help produce. That’s why we take great care to ensure that our dashboards are customized to your audience’s data literacy, preferences, and needs. We also provide guidance and examples on how to use these dashboards to drive your communications, insights, and decisions.