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AH Datalytics is a consulting firm focused on bringing 21st Century analytics to the organizations serving the public good. Our work helps organizations better understand their problems and figure out if their solutions are working. We bring a wealth of expertise in analyzing, disseminating, and presenting information to organizational leadership and helping organizations effectively convey their analytics to the public.


Data Management & Strategy

Organized and accessible data systems are the key to developing data-driven solutions. We help identify data systems that can feed analytics and reporting customized to meet the needs of the agency. We can also build solutions to provide an immediate data collection solution to when existing systems cannot accomplish the task. We engage clients in discussions to help them understand what data to collect; how to collect, analyze, and report it; and how to integrate data into decision-making.

21st Century Analytics

Compelling analytics can be a powerful tool for helping senior leadership, supervisors, and other personnel understand their problems, make decisions, and evaluate the impact of those decisions. We create platforms that bring together disparate, complex data systems to tell a comprehensive picture and enable deep analytical insights. These platforms are entirely responsive to the needs of the organization and can be structured to help an organization understand every facet of their work. Platforms can also be built specifically to engage the public and provide greater transparency into an organization’s work.

Capacity Building

We provide training in data reporting and analytics so that organizations have the ability to grow their own analytics capacity. We also provide training to senior leadership and other personnel to ensure they are best positioned to leverage their analytic capacity into the future. Our objective is to teach existing personnel how to implement and sustain data-driven solutions.

Meet AH Datalytics

Jeff is a data analyst and consultant based in New Orleans, LA. He currently works with the New Orleans City Council as a public safety analyst. Before launching AH Datalytics, Jeff served as a crime analyst for the City of New Orleans and Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, and prior to that he worked as an analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency and Department of Defense. Jeff’s analyses have appeared nationally on data journalism website FiveThirtyEight, The New York Times, Slate, and more.

Ben developed the nationally recognized Management Analytics for Excellence (MAX) which provides a comprehensive data environment for rigorous police management in the areas of crime, community policing, consent decree compliance, and other management topics. He has also built numerous other publicly available dashboards and data visualizations, including a real-time operational and investigative report platform for the New Orleans Police Department.

Our Work

Management Analytics

Internal Dashboards

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