Data analytics for organizations serving the public good

AH Datalytics is a consulting firm dedicated to incorporating 21st century analytics into the foundation of organizations that serve the public good. Our goal is to build innovative solutions that expand your organization’s capacity to embrace data-driven decision making. We bring a wealth of expertise in analyzing, disseminating, and presenting information to key decision-makers and assist organizations in effectively conveying their analytics to the public.

Our Strategies & Solutions

AH Datalytics offers solutions for building optimal 21st Century analytics. We provide actionable insights for solving complex policy issues that may arise within your organization. We build dynamic dashboards and comprehensive reporting tools to make your data accessible and improve your organization’s data management.

AH Datalytics In The News:

We frequently provide expert analysis for national media reports.

Who We’ve Worked With

21CP Solutions

ABLE Project at Georgetown University

Austin Justice Coalition

Center for Policing Equity


Ferguson, MO PD



National Police Foundation

New Orleans City Council

NYU Policing Project

Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office

Prosecutorial Performance Indicators

Puerto Rico Police Bureau

South Bend Empowerment Zone

Team Gleason

US DOJ Bureau of Justice Assistance

US DOJ Civil Rights Team

And Many More