Our Work

We believe in creating value-based data-driven organizations. Below are examples of the work we do to help your organization excel.

Every organization has unique goals and challenges. We take a holistic approach to analytics by taking a comprehensive look at your goals and objectives, then determining how we can assist you. 

We believe all organizations can derive value from their data. We conduct assessments of your organization's readiness to embrace 21st Century analytics. Our assessments engage your personnel and identify gaps, highlight opportunities, and provide recommendations to help you reach your data and analytics goals. Our findings and recommendations integrate our knowledge and expertise into your organization's day-to-day operations so that your organization can use analytics to drive and meet performance goals.
Our experience has taught us that analytics are a crucial aspect of law-enforcement management and Consent Decree compliance. We believe that both officers and communities are safer when analytics are used to optimize supervision, resource allocation, training, and to identify trends in policing activities.
Data can be a potent element to the success of any organization. We work with you to assess the state of your data structure and formulate a tailored strategy for achieving your goals. Whether your organization is working with off-the-shelf software, software as a service, or a customized solution, our team can help you optimize your data infrastructure and processes.
Your data is at its most powerful when it is clear, concise, and accessible. Well-designed visualizations are the most effective way to achieve these goals by providing your leadership, staff, or customers with critical insights into ongoing performance. We build custom dashboards and other visualizations that communicate the insights that matter most to your organization and its stakeholders.
Our work helps schools around the world and across the country improve classroom education, manage and deliver change, improve leadership practices, and use data to improve performance. 
We conduct actionable analysis to help you understand the problems that matter most. Our analysis will help your organization better understand its problems and figure out if your solutions are working. We communicate our findings in a clear and concise manner to reach a wide range of appropriate stakeholders.