Real-Time Crime Index

Real-Time Crime Index

AH Datalytics is proud to announce our latest endeavor, the development of the Real-Time Crime Index (RTCI). AH Datalytics is building a tool that will aggregate monthly crime data, from 500 to 1,000 local police departments to visualize nationwide crime trends. This project is fully funded by Arnold Ventures and will allow policymakers, police leadership, researchers, members of the media, and interested citizens to follow crime trends as close to when they occur as possible.  

The RTCI will serve as a new piece of public data infrastructure that will allow users to visualize monthly counts of Uniform Crime Report (UCR) Part I Index Crimes. This project will use data already regularly collected by agencies and sent to state UCR programs and the FBI. In this manner, the submission requirements of individual agencies are minimal while the collective output produced will be great. 

Who Participates?

Any local police department that serves a population of 50,000 or more people can participate. There is NO cost to participating and participation does not replace an agency’s commitments to the Uniform Crime Report. All project-related costs are funded by Arnold Ventures. 

Who Benefits?

We are developing this tool to serve a wide breadth of constituencies that could benefit from more timely and accurate crime data including the following, 

  • Academics 
  • Crime Analysts  
  • General Public 
  • Journalists 
  • Political Leaders 
  • Policymakers 
  • Researchers 

I Want to Learn More

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] for more information on the project. We are continuing to engage, and on-board new police agencies interested in participating every day and welcome your interest and feedback!